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Measuring flow rate correctly at any location

Smart technology for measuring at historical sites

Telsa is tasked with measuring the flow rate at a point where water from a 'suone' enters. 'Suonen' are historical channels in the Valais mountains that are difficult to monitor due to their construction and location. With the help of Endress+Hauser, Telsa was able to install a measuring solution after a collection point that records the values very accurately and outputs them via mobile.

Suone of Ayent

Most famous section of the historic 'suone' of Ayent

Monitoring panel

Monitoring panel with transmitter FMU90, FieldPort SWA50 and FieldEdge SGC200


  • Compact monitoring panel with level monitoring

  • Flow rate calculation are based on specially developed algorithms

  • Visualization of recorded measured values in the Netilion IIoT ecosystem via web application

  • Remote access to the measured data via smartphone, tablet or PC

Antoine Naoux

"The installed flowmeter is used to measure the water volume for billing purposes, but also to alert in the event of a breach in the irrigation channel dike or in the case of severe flooding."

Antoine Naoux, Project Manager
Telsa SA Electrotechnique


The typical 'suonen' in the Swiss Valais are water conduits that date back to the Middle Ages and are still being used today. This was previously routed on wooden constructions along the steep rock. Today, the water flows into collection points and is conveyed from there in open concrete pipes. The open construction makes the required flow measurement by the end customer difficult. Thanks to Endress+Hauser, Telsa was able to install a reliable monitoring solution that is remotely accessible.


Endress+Hauser created an algorithm to determine the flow rate based on the level to match the geometry of the open concrete pipes. The data are transmitted to the Netilion IIoT ecosystem via wireless communication. This cloud-based solution allows the end customer to record the water volume continuously, determine annual volume and in the future to compare the annual values.


The algorithm was stored in a "level/flow rate" table of values in the Prosonic S transmitter. The table contains 32 value pairs so the current level can be assigned a flow measured value (volume flow l/s). Furthermore, the total flow is also recorded (m3). The measured values are saved locally every 5 minutes and sent every hour via FieldEdge SGC200 to the Netilion IIoT ecosystem for storing. The measured values can be viewed and evaluated using the Netilion Value basic web application.

Scope of delivery

Endress+Hauser's solution:

  • Prosonic FDU90: ultrasonic sensor for level and flow measurement for connection to transmitter

  • Prosonic FMU90: transmitter in field housing or DIN rail housing for up to 2 ultrasonic sensors

  • Edge Device: FieldEdge SGC200 transfers the measured values to the Netilion ecosystem

  • FieldPort SWA50: intelligent Bluetooth® adapter for all HART field devices

  • Netilion Value: a digital monitoring service for accessing your measured values from anywhere and at any time