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Analyzers for hardness, iron, aluminum, chromate & sodium

Products for highly accurate analysis in the water, wastewater and power industries

Analyzers for hardness, iron, aluminum, chromate, sodium in the water, wastewater & power industries

Suppliers of drinking water and mineral water, users of process water or managers of wastewater treatment plants need to know exactly which substances are dissolved in the water to ensure consumers' health, protect capital intensive goods, achieve safe processes and optimize environmental protection. Our water hardness, iron, chromate, aluminum and sodium online analyzers ensure good water quality in all applications. To learn more about our wide range of metal analyzers click the button below.

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Analyzers for hardness, iron, chromate & more

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Application in drinking water

Potable water, mineral water, spring water and bottled water not only have to be sterile and unspoiled but must also taste good and be aesthetically pleasing. That's why national and international water authorities stipulate strict limit values for substances that are harmful to human health such as chromium and aluminum and for substances that impair the water's taste such as iron and manganese. Analytical instruments provide the information needed to achieve a high water quality.

Application in process water

Process water makes up about one quarter of total water consumption. Process water is used for galvanization, metals processing, steam generation and much more. Silica, hardness or sodium contamination can damage the plant or be the source of buildup on important components. Chromium VI compounds are toxic and must not end up in surface waters under any circumstances. For this reason, effective monitoring and treatment of water for production, boiler feed water and cooling water is required.

Our metals analyzer portfolio

  • Iron analyzer
  • Hardness analyzer
  • Chromate analyzer
  • Aluminum analyzer
  • Sodium analyzer

Metal analysis using colorimetric analyzers

Colorimetric analysis is based on the fact that metals absorb, or attenuate, light of a specific wavelength. Reagents are added to the water sample to “dye” the metal to be analyzed. The color intensity is then measured photometrically. Detectors evaluate the difference between the emitted light intensity and the received light intensity. The specific absorption is proportional to the concentration of the dyed metal which is determined using preset calibration curves.


  • Our products for the analysis of water hardness, iron, chromate and aluminum use standardized colorimetric methods. Their measurements are directly comparable to lab results.
  • We offer all required chemicals:
    - Hardness reagents & hardness standards: complexometric method
    - Iron reagents: ferrozine method
    - Chromate reagents: diphenyl carbazide method
    - Aluminum reagents: pyrocatechol violet method
  • All reagents needed for metals analysis are supplied ready-to-prepare to ensure sufficient shelf life. They are delivered complete with the required material safety data sheets (MSDS).
  • Our sample conditioning systems ensure reliable sample preparation in all applications: They feature automatic backflush with air, water or cleaner.
  • Our Liquiline System CA80 analyzers are easy to operate and service. Additionally, they can connect up to four Memosens sensors which provides a more detailed process overview without the need for additional measuring instruments.