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Natural gas plant in Alberta Canada

Maximize the efficiency of your natural gas processes

Enhance your productivity in natural gas processing, liquefaction and LNG facilities

Varying compositions of raw natural gas and fluctuating process and environmental conditions challenge the efficient, uninterrupted operation of natural gas processing, liquefaction trains and related facilities. LNG storage, distribution and regasification facilities also need state-of-the-art process control for maximum efficiency. In short, your competitiveness demands greater measurement accuracy and enhanced control of all natural gas processes along the gas value chain.

How we can help

We offer a wide range of field instrumentation, solutions and services to fulfil your need for greater control and productivity in your natural gas processes and to meet gas quality specifications. These include laser-based analyzers for measuring contaminants in natural gas streams and the composition of natural gas and LNG; precise flow measurement of wet and dry gases in all processing steps and liquefaction plants; water and steam analysis and treatment, and LNG custody transfer solutions.

  • Reliable guided wave radar level measurement in gas sweetening units.
    Precise ultrasonic flow measurement of wet and dry gases in natural gas processing plants

  • On-line monitoring of trace-level H2O: Tunable Diode Laser Absorption Spectroscopy (TDLAS) analyzers detect adsorbent bed saturation and breakthrough to enable highly effective control of molecular sieve dehydration systems

  • Accurate measurement of LNG composition: Raman analyzers, powered by Kaiser Raman technology, calculate the energy content (BTU value and Wobbe index) and monetary value of the fuel during production and at downstream custody transfer points

  • Utilities: a wide portfolio of instruments and solutions dedicated to water and steam analysis and treatment to prevent damage to your installation and reduce operation costs

  • LNG custody transfer truck loading-offloading skids: complete design, engineering, procurement and construction of LNG truck loading and unloading solutions, from one source


Reliable level measurement in gas sweetening units

Raw natural gas from reservoirs contains varying amounts of acid gases (H2S and CO2). Gas sweetening units remove acid gases using a chemical absorption process. A typical process unit includes contactor (absorption) and stripper (distillation) columns. Effective level control in these columns is vital for stable operation to ensure uniform flow of amine out of the unit.

Amine treatment unit
Our expertise in the field

Guided wave radar technology offers unique benefits ensuring smooth operation and high productivity of the unit.

  • Reliable measurement even with changing product and process conditions

  • No maintenance: no moving parts unlike mechanical level instruments

  • Easy commissioning and diagnostics from HistoROM data management

  • Seamless integration into control or asset management systems

On-line monitoring of trace-level H2O

Sweet natural gas exiting the amine treatment unit is saturated with water vapor. Molecular sieve dehydration is used to obtain the very low H2O concentrations (< 0.1 ppm) required for cryogenic processes in NGL recovery units and for LNG production. Highly accurate measurement is needed to rapidly detect moisture breakthrough in the adsorbent bed to enable the operator to switch gas flow to a vessel with a freshly regenerated adsorbent bed.

Molecular sieve dehydration system in a natural gas processing plant
Our expertise in the field

Our TDLAS analyzers support you in this task as they help to quickly detect adsorbent bed saturation and breakthrough.

  • Patented Differential Spectroscopy technique measures H2O at sub-ppm levels for rapid detection of adsorbent bed moisture breakthrough

  • Laser-based measurement is highly selective and accurate for H2O in natural gas and is unaffected by methanol and other contaminants

  • Integrated permeation tube supports automated analyzer validation checks

  • Check our application note on H2O measurement in dry LNG feed gas

Ultrasonic flow measurement in natural gas processing plants

Reliable flow measurement is crucial for optimized natural gas processing and to minimize operational challenges. Inherent challenges exist due to wet gas conditions and varying compositions of feed gas. Accurate measurement of gas flow into dehydration and sweetening units is essential for better process efficiency and to minimize problems associated with re-boiler overload and chemical losses.

The Prosonic Flow G 300/500 offers precise ultrasonic flow measurement of wet and dry gases
Our expertise in the field

Endress+Hauser’s process ultrasonic gas flow meter precisely measures dry and wet gases in all gas processing steps including sweetening, dehydration, fractionation, and NGL recovery

  • Greater accuracy and process control thanks to real-time pressure and temperature compensation

  • Powerful process control from advanced gas analysis including volume flow, corrected volume flow, mass flow, energy flow, calorific value, Wobbe index etc.

  • Process reliability and high operational safety thanks to continuous self-diagnosis and device verification with Heartbeat Technology

Composition measurement of liquefied natural gas (LNG)

Accurate measurement of LNG composition is necessary for calculating the energy content (BTU value and Wobbe index) and monetary value of the fuel during production and at downstream custody transfer points. Composition data is essential to transactions in LNG import / export terminals, marine bunkering, and truck-loading operations. You're looking for quick, accurate analysis, preferably without having to extract a sample.

LNG tanker loading at a terminal
Our expertise in the field

The Raman analyzers, powered by Kaiser Raman technology, measure LNG composition directly in the cryogenic liquid, assuring fast response without the need to vaporize a sample.

  • Continuous real-time measurement of LNG composition with results in seconds

  • Cryogenic Rxn-41 probe enables direct measurement in the LNG stream without sample extraction and vaporization improving measurement accuracy, reducing installation costs, reducing analysis time from minutes to seconds, and reducing risk

  • Raman Analyzer Field Calibration Tool verifies transmission intensity and calibration as described in GIIGNL custody transfer handbook

Utilities: analytical solutions for water and steam

Water and steam play important roles in natural gas processing & liquefaction. Steam is used for power generation or as a heating medium – for example in solvent regeneration in acid gas removal units, or regeneration gas for molecular sieve dehydration beds. To maximize process efficiency and safety, make-up water, cooling water, and steam must meet specific quality specifications.

Maintenance engineer checking a Memosens sensor
Our expertise in the field

We offer a wide instrumentation portfolio dedicated to water and steam analysis and treatment.

  • Make-up water: to maintain quality and avoid serious corrosion in steam systems, boiler feedwater requires specific conditioning using parameters like turbidity, pH, conductivity and chlorine or ORP

  • Steam: to prevent pipeline corrosion and equipment scaling, dissolved oxygen, pH and cation conductivity are important

  • Our ATEX Zone 2 Steam Water Analysis System (SWAS) panels have all the measuring technology needed to monitor a water/steam cycle

  • Ensure the highest reliability and uptime with Memosens intelligent digital sensor technology for liquid analysis

  • Connect up to 8 sensors with the Liquiline multiparameter transmitter platform, saving space and cost

LNG custody transfer truck loading-offloading skids

LNG truck loading helps distribute natural gas in areas where there is no pipeline network connecting power plants, industrial and residential customers, and the transport sector. You're looking for an integrated and compact solution that provides measurement of quantity and composition to determine energy content, without sample extraction.

LNG custody transfer loading skid
Our expertise in the field

We offer complete design, engineering, procurement and construction of LNG truck loading and unloading solutions, and a unique small footprint skid design with integrated LNG composition measurement and energy calculation.

  • Precise and reliable quantity measurement with Coriolis mass flow meters optimized for cryogenic applications

  • Fast, accurate measurement of LNG composition with a Raman analyzer, powered by Kaiser Raman technology, for measuring quantity and calorific value directly in the LNG stream. No need for a vaporizer or Gas Chromatograph (GC)

  • Compliance, credibility and acceptance: custody transfer approval and compliance of the entire system

  • Safety and ease of use ensures maximum throughput and system availability

Check through a selection of critical measuring points

Amine treatment process map ©Endress+Hauser
Two-bed adsorption process map (Molecular Sieve Dehydration) ©Endress+Hauser

Molecular Sieve Dehydration

Natural gas, liquefied natural gas value chain ©Endress+Hauser

The natural gas / LNG value chain


Accurate, real time measurements are the foundation of efficiency throughout the natural gas / LNG process chain. Our range of best-fit instruments and solutions provide the reliable data and process control you need to solve your productivity challenges. Through a network of highly trained sales and service staff, we support you in improving your process efficiency, availability, and safety in natural gas production, gas processing, liquefaction, transport, storage, and distribution.

  • +20%

    extended cycle time you can gain between molecular sieve bed regenerations using TDLAS

  • 10x

    better proven repeatability in LNG custody transfer of Raman analyzers, powered by Kaiser Raman technology, compared with gas chromatography/vaporizer

  • >3 million

    flowmeters installed worldwide across a wide range of industries

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