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Our strength as project partner starts with our comprehensive FLEX instrument Selections.

Optimize project implementation with a fit for need partner

Choosing Endress+Hauser as project partner reduces effort, risk, and inefficiency. Our strength as project partner starts with our portfolio.

We use the FLEX portfolio to profile a set of customer-specific deliverables. Our partnership extends from initial FEED support, through project management, related
services, and embedded resources to training. Integrated engineering activities include providing the network environment, standardizing on suitable instruments for the engineered applications, and then performing conventional and/or smart commissioning as appropriate. We provide site services during and beyond the project’s duration.


  • FLEX Selections ensure you receive instruments that fit the process, while avoiding sensors with unnecessary functions. The FLEX structure comprises four distinct segments to fit users’ needs: Fundamental, Lean, Extended and Xpert.

  • The Fundamental Selection meets your basic measurement needs, with simple products that are easy to select, install and operate

  • The Lean Selection handles your core processes easily, with standard products that are reliable, robust and low-maintenance

  • The Extended Selection optimizes your processes with innovative technologies. It comprises high-end products which are highly functional and convenient.

  • The Xpert selection lets you master your most complex challenges. Xpert products are specialized and designed for demanding applications.

See how FLEX’s four Selections cover all your project needs

The FLEX structure recognizes that each application has its own goals to achieve and challenges to overcome. Some processes just need monitoring, while others need control and/or optimization. As timelines are usually critical, all FLEX products come with support that meets the high standards associated with our brand.

The FLEX portfolio is easy to understand, with a logical structure based on users’ needs. Website filter functions help you easily compare and choose products.

Fundamental Selection

Fundamental Selection products are deliberately simple, meaning the number of variants are kept to a minimum making selection easy. Compared to the other Selections, there are also fewer features and options. Installation, maintenance, and handling are thus considerably easier. Yet simplicity does not translate to lower product quality. We use the same quality components as in our other products. We also employ technologies we have developed over the last 60+ years together with our customers.

Lean Selection

For core processes that underlie all your production, process control must be reliable and operate within given parameters. Self-monitoring instruments must detect interruptions or deviations to ensure a timely, proper response. With comprehensive diagnostic and self-monitoring capabilities, our Lean Selection devices track their own functional integrity, indicate malfunctions when they occur and provide corrective action guidance. Our measurement principles meet all process environments.

Extended Selection

To gain a competitive edge, you must optimize your production; reduce OPEX, or improve availability or product quality. Achieve the needed process insight by extracting and using more data. Our highly functional Extended Selection products have superior measurement reliability, even for fast-changing product and process conditions. They have the best accuracy and response times in our portfolio. More transparent Interruptions and deviations let you optimize your process and ensure consistency.

Xpert Selection

Circumstances like highly-demanding ambient or process conditions, bold productivity targets or far-reaching regulations call for specialized instrumentation. Our Xpert Selection reflects our in-depth knowledge of industries, applications, guidelines and regulations. This drives our specialized product development, maximising performance and productivity in challenging applications. We also provide consulting and support for instrument selection, commissioning and maintenance and other services.

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